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In Memoriam

On April 8, 2018, the world lost a great and kind man, Allan “Doc” Levy. He was a husband, father, physician and team medical doctor for the New York Giants for over 30 years. He is often referred to as the father of Sports Medicine in the New York City area. He was almost 91 years old.

He was the heart & soul of the Living Heart Foundation (LHF) for many years. His lovely wife Gail had also volunteered for LHF over a 10 year period before her death almost 4 years ago. While with the LHF, “Doc” Levy was loved by all members of the LHF mobile health screening team. In addition, the more than 3,500 former NFL players around the country that were seen by him personally and given wise health advice on how to improve their health after football loved him as well. Our team will never  forget this special man and his wonderful wife; they will live in our memories forever.

Doc's family wish is for a remembrance donation to the Living Heart Foundation. 

You can make such a donation by clicking here.

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